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Gestalt Associates for Psychotherapy (GAP) has been training therapists for over thirty
years and will work with you to find a therapist that meets your personal and financial requirements. Our wide multi-lingual network includes speakers of German, Ukrainian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, and French.

Faculty Referrals:
Members of our Faculty are available for individual, group, and couples & family referrals.
Please visit our faculty page to learn more about each member's specific interests and training. If you are interested in a referral to a member of our faculty, click here.
For specific information about Group Therapy, click here.

Low Fee Clinic:
Clients in our low-fee clinic see licensed professionals who are in our advanced clinical training programs, and sessions are videotaped for supervision.
One-time intake fee: $40/$50 Couples
Full-time Student fee, for appts. before 5pm: $30
Individual Therapy: $40
Couples Therapy: $50

*Individual & Couples therapy fees are raised annually by $5 per session, with a ceiling of $55 for individual therapy and $65 for couples therapy.
If you are interested in our Low Fee Clinic, click here.

Graduate Referrals: Many GAP graduates will see clients on a sliding scale basis, and are providers for a wide range of managed care mental health plans.
If you are interested in therapy with one of our Graduates,
click here.

For additional information, click here.

To speak directly with our clinic director, Alan Cohen, please email us at or call (212)689-7740.

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